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Sunday Games – 20 March 2016

ANZACs at Gallipoli
Come fight Johnny Turk on the sunny shores of Turkey back when Mel Gibson still had an Aussie accent. Nick Wesson hosts this 20mm WW1 action for 6 players using his own rules.
Technical Difficulties
Lions and Technicals and Bombs, oh my! Modern African warlords and rival bands of marauders compete for control of a European diamond mining facility. Morowi Dan presents this 28mm skirmish game using Mongols with Mausers Homebrew (Dirty Africa Addition!) for 6 to 8 players.
“Open” DBA 2.2+ Tournament
15mm. 30" Boards (supplied). 3 Rounds. Swiss Chess matching. Players bring any valid DBA 2.2 or DBA 3.0 army and appropriate terrain. Loaner armies are available. Scoring: Standard NASAMW. Fee: $2 (to defray the cost of the prize) Prize: Player with the highest score. GM: Michael Saunders
The Battle of Froeschwiller
Perhaps the last chance France will have to regain the strategic initiative; this is the biggest of the frontier battles in the first weeks of the Franco Prussian War. Can you save France? Or will you destroy McMahon’s French Army and invade France. Brian Hall hosts this 6mm Franco-Prussian War game using Bigger Bloody Battles rules for 6 players.